Mission statement

We note with concern that the UK invests 1.4 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in higher education, compared with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development average of 1.7 per cent.

We further notes that public support of further education fell by 5.9 per cent in 2010-11, the last year in which it was reported separately.

We are concerned that spending on research and development at 1.8 per cent of GDP is also lower than the EU-27 average of 2.0 per cent and are further concerned that the UK has fallen from third among the top industrialised nations in terms of young people graduating in 2000 to 15th in 2013.

We are aware that the cost of educational under-achievement in the UK is estimated at £22 billion for a generation in opportunity costs and costs to the public purse, and that countries like Germany, India and China have prioritised investment in education in response to the economic crisis.

We believe that access to high quality tertiary education provides enhanced life chances for individuals, significant benefits for society and is essential for the UK’s long-term economic sustainability.

We are calling on the Government to recognise these benefits and commit the UK to funding tertiary education at a level that can close the international competitive gap in investment with other countries and enable the UK to compete on an equal footing.


If you are interested in working together to increase public investment please contact us.

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